matthew lovato (matt_lovato_) wrote in wicked_intent,
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[ -sighs- dammit. i thought i would have time for this RPG along with all my others, but i just don't. i have too many going on and not enough time.

therefore, i am giving matt up for adoption on the following conditions:

1) i keep this AIM name as i have been using it for another community.
2) i also keep the email as i use that one as well for the other community.
3) you know quite a bit about mest and matt. i would hate to see someone who barely knows anyone role play him.
4) you don't play him in a teenybopper way. it makes it kinda boring for everyone else :)

email me at telling me one really good fact about matt to qualify. first come, first serve basis.

thanks, and i'm sorry i have to do this. i really would like to stay. ]
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